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Tittle Essay

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Aristotle     Thinkers  give  direcMons  which  are  very  important  things  to  our  life    from  past  to  present.  

According  to  me  Aristotle  is  one  of  the  important  thinkers  in  our  history.  So,  in  this  arMcle  I  will   explain  the  his  life  and  importance  of  him.
Aristotle  was  born  as  the  son  of  Nicomachus  in  the  Macedonia.  He  is  a  Greek  philosopher   and  polymath.  He  went  to  Plato’s  school  which  is  “academia”  at  the  age  of  17,  in  this  manner  Plato   discovered  him  and  Aristotle  became  one  of  his  best  students.  Aristotle  opposed  some  of  Plato's   teachings,  and  when  Plato  died,  Aristotle  was  not  appointed  head  of  the  Academy.  A\er  leaving   Athens,  Aristotle  spent  some  Mme  traveling,  and  possibly  studying  biology,  in  Asia  Minor  and  its   islands.  A\er  returned  he  set  up  a  school  of  his  own,  known  as  the  Lyceum.     According  to  his  theoreMcal  approach;  in  his  first  philosophy  called  the  Metaphysics,  he  

discussed  the  meaning  of  being  as  being.  He  refers  to  the  unmoved  movers  ,  and  assigns  one  to   each  movement  in  the  heavens;  or  more  prosaically,  he  tasks  future  astronomers  with  correlaMng   the  esMmated  47  to  55  moMons  of  the  Eudoxan  planetary  model,  by  his  esMmates,  with  the  most   current  and  accurate  observaMons. According  to  Aristotle,  each  unmoved  mover  conMnuously   contemplates  its  own  contemplaMon;  they  have  no  knowledge  of  the  cosmos,  nor  do  they   parMcipate  therein.

His  second  philosophy  called  The  principles  of  being,  he  discussed  the  highest  determinaMons  of   Being  are  Actuality  and  PotenMality.  The  former  is  perfecMon,  realizaMon,  fullness  of  being;  the   laber  imperfecMon,  incompleteness,  perfecMbility.  The  former  is  the  determining.  Actuality  and   potenMality  are  above  all  the  categories  and  they...

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