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To Eat or Not to Eat Essay

  • Submitted by: watsongirl11
  • on January 27, 2013
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To Eat or Not To Eat? The Omnivores Dilemma
Samantha Watson
DeVry University

To Eat or Not To Eat?
If you look at the introduction to The Omnivores Dilemma you will see Michael Pollan explaining a general problem: what should we have for dinner? He does research on an ordinary concern to reveal a problem that remains unsolved. The way Pollan makes his arguments is interesting. Pollans whole book forms from one simple question: what is for dinner?
Pollan goes about answering those questions three ways: he researches the industrial food chain, the organic food chain and the forager’s food chain. He points out the way we receive our food through the three food chains along with their advantages and disadvantages. This is done so that Pollan is able to make comparisons between the food chains and let the reader make his or her own decisions about what to eat and how to eat it.
The book is very insightful. The author did not choose a side in the debate of food chains. He is able to remain neutral when discussing the problems and virtues of each food chain. Pollan did the research and recorded it so that we the people can come to our own conclusion based on his findings.
On a more personal note, I learned a lot not only about how and what we eat in America's food culture. It has made me a much more aware consumer. I am now a shopper who reads labels a lot more closely than before (you'd be surprised how much corn is hidden in any given product). I also feel a lot guiltier for going through the drive-thru or into the supermarket, especially the big box stores. Eating more consciously, avoiding processed foods, trying to buy products that don't contain high fructose corn syrup or red 40, growing a garden and using our own produce, trying to make dinner rather than just heat it up or pull it out of the bag, are some of the ways we can change our eating habits.  
Pollan makes the point in the book again and again that food should not just be something we eat, but...

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