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To Generate The Optimal Employee-Satisfaction Solu Essay

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To Generate the Optimal Employee-Satisfaction Solution via EPAC Analysis

Purpose – A close-end questionnaire measuring the employee satisfaction may not be the scope that the employees want to choose from. There is always a divide between the employee expected and the management offered.   This paper is to propose a tool to generate and compromise the optimal employee-satisfaction solution.  
Design/methodology/approach – The proposed tool called EPAC Analysis takes all divergent views into consideration. The concept of brainstorming, Analytical Hierarchy Process and Cost/Benefit Ratio are used.
Findings – When the Analysis was applied, the management perceived it more effective to generate a solution.  
Practical implications – Simplicity is the greatest advantage of this new tool.
Originality/value – This simplified tool would be easily applied and would provide companies with a user-friendly tool which requires neither professional software nor complicated calculation.
Keywords: brainstorm, AHP, cost/benefit ratio, employee satisfaction

1. Introduction
Nowadays measuring employee satisfaction is popular if it is not a fad. Conducting a relevant questionnaire is time wasting in case the management takes no action to sustain and/or improve the satisfaction (Lusty, 2007).   Even though the management spends a great effort on finding a well-established questionnaire in the first place and altering it to suit the needs for the unique situation in the second, the close-end questionnaire may not be the scope that the employees want to choose from. There is always a divide between the employee expected and the management offered (Loveday, 1996).  

Despite the fact that the well-structured techniques, namely Analytical Hierarchy Process (Staay, 2008; Braglia et. al, 2006) and Conjoint Analysis (Orme, 2005) are, good enough to tackle the above issue, these techniques are too mathematical, if not too complicated, to let a common employee to get...

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