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To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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to kill a mokcing bird Synthesis essay
  “I saw her head sink down into her chair and bury her head in her arms. Had her conduct been more friendly toward me, I would have felt sorry for her. She was a pretty little thing.” (pg29”To kill a mockingbird“) Charlotte is a gr10 teenager that also flashbacks to her kinder garden age, she is from the story “The Metaphor.” She’s a girl that used to love her teacher in kinder garden but in gr10 she is ashamed and embarrassed of her teacher. Jean Louise Bullfinch from “To kill a mocking bird” is a girl in grade1 whom at first was fascinated by her teacher but after she got in a conflict with the teacher she had taunted the teacher and treated her with disrespect. Charlotte and Jean may have a similar personality and relationship with their school teachers but they live in a very diverse period of century and environment.
  There are quite a few similarities that both of these characters have. First of all, Charlotte and Jean both go through a conflict with their school teachers. “I knew I had annoyed Miss.Caroline, so I let well enough alone and stared out the window until recess when Jem cut me from the covey of first-graders in the schoolyard.”(pg23 “To kill a mocking bird”) Jean went through a situation where it’s her first day of school in grade1 and she meets a new teacher, she is first fascinated by her but later on after she gets in an argument she taunts the teacher and treats her with no respect which is very similar to what Charlotte had done to her teacher in grade10. Although Charlotte’s case was when she was in kinder garden she had loved her teacher Ms.Hencock but later on was embarrassed of her and taunted her in class to fit it with the teenager crew. Second of all, Charlotte’s and Jean’s teacher has a very enthusiastic personality and seem to have a very fascinating sense of fashion and makeup. “Surrounding her eyes, the modulations of color, toners, shadows, could keep a student interested for half...

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