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To Smoke or Not Essay

  • Submitted by: tman322
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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English 101, 05
30 Aug. 2012
Writing Skills Evaluation Essay
To Smoke or Not to Smoke
Does the state of Illinois have the right to tell its citizens that they cannot smoke in certain places? Well, in my honest opinion, I don’t think the federal or state government has the right to tell anyone whether they can smoke or not. I feel that people should be allowed to decide for themselves. What’s next? Will they tell us we can’t eat French fries because they are not healthy for us? Where do we draw the line, Americans are educated enough to know that smoking can kill them as well as second hand smoke can harm others .
Most smokers take this into consideration when they light up. You will always have those who just have no consideration for others, with anything from the driver who cuts you off at the last minute just to beat you to the traffic light to the person that uses fowl language in public when children are present. I understand why the nonsmokers are complaining, they shouldn’t have to eat in a restaurant or drink a beer in a bar and breathe in the second hand toxic fumes from the guy sitting a table or bar stool away. But do we really need a law to make this happen, as an ex smoker I do not allow people to smoke in my house or car. I simply tell them this is my home or property and I don’t allow smoking period. It did not take a act of congress or the Illinois legislature to pass a law saying you can’t smoke, I said it as a home owner.
I for one think the business owner should decide if you can or can’t smoke in their establishment. I mean have we really become that petty that a man or woman can’t tell a person “I’m sorry you cannot smoke in here” It is my restaurant or bar, please do not light up in here thank you. Most smokers would respect the owner’s wishes and if they still felt they needed to have a cigarette at that moment they would find another place to eat or drink. I think the smoking ban was just another way for the Government to make...

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