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To Take, Back And Always Essay

  • Submitted by: banannee
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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To Take, Back and Always The handrail of the staircase was still coated with white paint, white like the walls and the doors. White, like the world, seemingly shrouded by a layer of smoke. White, unlike the floral pinkand-purple dress lola was wearing. Lola, who was hunched, holding onto the railings for support, still stubbornly trying to get up the stairs by pulling herself. Lola looked frail, wrinkled skin sagging around her thin arms. She looked like she could easily be broken, snapped into however many parts the world wanted her to be in, snapped because her own granddaughter could not stand to have her around. From where I was, watching her from a few short meters away, the need to hide was almost unbearable. But I couldn’t move, couldn’t risk even breathing because then lola might notice me and she might ask, ask all these simple questions that I did not want to think about. So I kept still, watching her stretch her arm to hold onto the railing, watching her and not doing anything to help when it was clear that she could not manage on her own. It did not feel quite as bad as it should have, the choice to ignore her distress. If anything, it felt better, far better than actively causing her inconvenience and boxing her out of my life. There was no doubt about it, then, that I was simply going to wait for lola to go upstairs, to go into the room we once shared, before I went on with whatever it was that I had been doing in that too-white house. What I did not take into account was that lola could still look my way and see me standing stiffly across the room. I did not consider that she could look at me in the same way she did before, when I was a kid who wanted nothing but sweet pineapples and green mangoes. In all the possibilities I had gone through, I failed to consider that she was still my lola and that she probably still loved me the same way she did when I could still fit in her arms. Maybe I had forgotten those simpler days. Maybe I simply did not...

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