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To What Extent Did the Second World War Trigger the Cold War? Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Below is an essay on "To What Extent Did the Second World War Trigger the Cold War?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The cold war refers to the post second world war struggle which saw the deterioration of the grand alliance relations to a point of war short of actual warfare.  
It was characterised by suspicion and mistrust from the western bloc, made of the capitalist United States made of its allies and eastern side made of the communist Soviet Union and its satellites. A further characteristic of this period is the treat of atomic weaponry. INSERT.

The mutual fear of Nazi Germany brought together an improbable ‘Grand Alliance’ the world’s greatest communist state, the Soviet union led by Joseph Stalin, the world’s leading capitalist state, America led by Roosevelt and the world’s greatest colonial state, Britain led by Churchill.   After the war Britain was on the decline which was evidently shown when it could not support the Greek civil war against communism.   The decolonisation which took place after the war brought further decline. So the United States developed into a superpower by replacing Britain as the world’s leading power and supplier of financial credit. And although the Soviet union had suffered the heaviest loosed during the war it also came out of the war as a major power. Since the absence of Nazi influence in Eastern Europe created a vacuum of power and the Soviet Union found itself at a position of almost complete dominance of the region. Therefore the Second World War created two superpowers forming a bi-polar world, divided between the opposing, communist and capitalist blocs.

The reciprocal suspicion and mistrust of both the Soviet Union and the west was a major cause for the Cold War.   The delay to establish the western front for the Nazi in the early stages of the Second World War while the soviet was getting a full force attack increased the Soviet’s suspicion of the west. As the revisionist school of thought would argue, this made the USSR recoil by trying to protect itself especially after the trauma it experienced of western invasion in...

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