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To What Extent Was Ghandi a Good Leader Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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To what extent was Ghandi a good leader
Sources 10+12 both agree that Ghandi was an effective leader; however source 11 disagrees and says that Ghandi was not effective as a leader.
Source 10 is a letter from Lord Chelmsford to King George V in 1919. Ghandi is man of great saintliness of character. This implies that he was seen a man of many morals and as a man of religion. Also it says that Mr Ghandi is held in estimation by everyone who comes across him.   This implies that even Ghandi was seen as a respected man and seen as figure head for the Indian people. This fact makes the task of dealing with him much more difficult than if he were a mere agitating politician. This means that the way Ghandi went about doing his activity’s people could not fault him, so when people try and judge him they could not find any bad things about what he did. He did not get angry with people who insulted him in the street the man was full of inner peace. Also if someone said that Ghandi was a bad leader, he would not retaliate to them, but instead would just go with what the people thought and just prove them wrong.
In source 12 is a letter written by Ghandi in a weekly journal in 1922. It says that `I shall only pray and hope that God will give India sufficient humility and sufficient strength to remain non-violent to the end’

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