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Today’s Work of Art & Prize-Winning Masterpieces Reflect Mediocrity and Declining Standards Essay

  • Submitted by: chayan2015
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Below is an essay on "Today’s Work of Art & Prize-Winning Masterpieces Reflect Mediocrity and Declining Standards" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Today’s Work of Art & Prize-winning Masterpieces Reflect Mediocrity and
declining standards
The term “Work of Art” and “Masterpieces” are synonymous with a creation which can stand the test
of time and be appreciated by one and all through different generations. The question here is,
whether these phrases have lost their shine by overuse in recent times and if the ordinary art forms
are also popularly passed on as “masterpieces”, appreciated and given recognition In my opinion,
there is definitely a significant decline in the quality of artwork produced over the past century be it
in painting, sculpture, cinema, music or in other spheres. Some of the reasons could be absence of
such unique creative talents as the past masters, change in demand, consumerism etc.
If we compare the art work of today with those of the past, even without an eye of a connoisseur we
can see the steady decline in the quality. I strongly feel that we have not seen as many unique talents
and creations in recent times as in the past. The only art works that stand the test of time are by the
masters who were supremely talented as artists. In most of the cases their art work ushered in some
revolution or renaissance in their field of work. Whether it is Michelangelo, Rafael, Van Gouge,
Gaugin, Dali, Pavarotti, Tagore, Bertrand Russel or Fellini, to name a few, we do not have artists of
such caliber, talent or creativity among us these days.
The other reason could be the changing attitude of society towards art and creation in general.
Today’s society belongs to the consumers where everything is a product, including artworks which
are mass produced, used and thrown or replaced with something else. Not everyone can afford a Van
Gouge but can afford some common decorative art piece. Hence that becomes the demand of the
masses and brings in the possibility of generating more money. The flow of money has turned art
into an industry. Now the inspiration is driven by monetary...

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