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Together We Stand Essay

  • Submitted by: Tazzman669
  • on September 21, 2012
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Together We Stand
I. Describe the types of questions that you asked yourself to ensure that you used critical
        thinking in your research and analysis of the problem
A.   Where the affected persons live, clustered near each other or spread all over town?
B. Is everyone suffering from the same symptoms?
C. When did the person first develop symptoms, by age and year?
D. How was the illness contracted?
E. Are children and adults affected in the same manner?
F. How long has the affected person lived in the community?
II. Strategies I would apply if investigating the problem.
A. I would interview each infected person to determine the following:
  1.   What was the first symptom and when did they notice it?
2.   Does each of the affected persons have the same symptoms?   To ensure it is the         same illness.
4.   Has everyone affected visited the same public area?
5.   What are the ages of the adults and children similar?   To determine who may be immune.  
6.   Are the adults and children related or are the family acquaintances?
7.   Is there a connection between the families such as do the adults work together or the children attend the same school?
B.   I would investigate the company.
1.   I would use the Internet to check for news articles written about the company in question.
2.   I would check with OSHA for any safety inspections conducted on the company in question.  
3.   I would interview current and prior employees for information dealing with chemical disposal.
4.   I would attempt to talk with company officials to gain knowledge on how the company operated.
III. What assumptions did you have to be aware of to ensure that they did not interfere with your critical analysis of the situation?
1. That all symptoms had to be related.
2. That this is a known illness.
3. Everyone would talk to you openly.
4. There may be more than one cause.
IV. What fallacies did you encounter as you researched possible causes for the illness?
1. That...

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