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Tools Essay

  • Submitted by: dipenpatel95
  • on October 17, 2013
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The Internet was meant to bring the world closer to each other but it really brought little closer than expected. According to a Bollywood movie name “Lage raho Munnabhai”, there is a quotation call we know all and everything going around the world but doesn’t know who our neighbor (Lage Raho Munnabhai, 2008).
The invention of the mechanical clock was first of all used in the churches to help monk gather for the prayer seven times in a day. It was similar like a bell but rang after a specific interval of time. He was kid from a very wealthy family who supposedly had a very vast thinking and started emphasizing the coordinating working system to do the work more quickly and efficiently by bounding all the workers to the time limitation and thus preventing the loss of time.
In the film “The Modern Times”, Charlie Chaplin is featuring as a factory worker who basically works at the speed of machine. He is so tense while working in the factory that he can’t even stop to imitate what he was doing while working on the conveyer belt even though he is on the break. The conveyer belt was made to make the work easier for the worker instead of which it is making human more like a machine as they have to do same work again and again. They can even stop to take a breath because the conveyer belt is continuously running. (Modern Times, 1936)
Similarly, Henry Ford invented the car to help the rich city people to go to the countryside to get some fresh air and change which is required to avoid the stress life. But instead of that all the people got the craze of buying the car and thus Henry Ford invented the assembly line to produced more cars and thus making us dependent on the car.

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