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Tophic Cycle Essay

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What are the three ecosystem trophic categories. 
- The three ecosystem tropic categories are; producers, consumers, and decomposers.
-A producers take the energy from the sun an/or chemical reaction and convert that to organic matter. Most of the producers in the world today are green plants.
-A consumer feeds off the organic matter that the producers have just created and turn that into energy. There are different groups of consumers.  Primary Consumers (Herbivores) feed on plants/producers, Secondary Consumers that feed on primary consumers, carnivores that feed on the secondary consumers (meat eaters), and omnivores that feed on both primary consumers, secondary consumers, and carnivores.
-A decomposer an organism that decomposes organic material. Decomposers can be soil bacterium, fungus, or invertebrates.

2. Give 2 examples of each trophic category that can be found in your town, city or county.
-Two types of producers found in my area are grass and flowers. Two types of consumers are humans and cats. Finally, two types of decomposers are bacteria and fungi.

3. What trophic category do you think is the most important in the ecosystem and why? 
-The most important trophic category are the producers. It's the main part of the food chain. Without a producer, a first level of consumer would die, then the second level would die, then the pattern would continue. Our world is built on this system/idea.

4. What is biodiversity? Is it important? Relate biodiversity to the trophic categories.
-Biodiversity can be defined as the variation of taxonomic life forms within a given ecosystem or a biome. It also measures the health of the biological system to indicate the degree to which the species are diverse and the count of viable versus extinct species. It is very important because it indicates the importance of the trophic categories. Each categories is a different species of life and if one becomes extinct that throws the whole system off.


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