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Toshiba Network Computer Line Essay

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Designing Toshiba’s Notebook Computer Line

1) What is the daily capacity of the assembly line designed by the engineers?
According to the engineer initial production for the new model was to be at 150 units per day, increasing to 250 units per day the following week.   Eventually production would reach 300 units per day.
2) When running at maximum capacity, what is the efficiency of the line?
Efficiency =                   Sum of task times (T)        
  Actual number of work stations (Na) x Workstation cycle time (C)  
Given that T is 1258, and with the current line structure, Na has to be 14 in order to achieve 300units/day with a C of 90seconds.   The efficiency of the line would be 99.84%.
To determine Na the formulae for workstation cycle time and theoretical min # of stations were used.
Workstation cycle time (c) = Production time per day in seconds
        Requires output per day
Theoretical Min. # of workstations (N1) = (T)
3) How should the line be redesigned to operate at the target 300 units per day, assuming that no overtime will be used?   What is the efficiency of your new design?
If we outsource the software upload and shock test we are able to negate 283 seconds from the sum of task times (T) dropping it to 975 seconds to complete 1 unit. This changes our theoretical minimum number of stations (N1) to 10.83, rounded up to 11, with the “supporter” on the line this puts 12 people working on the assembly line.
(N1) = 975   N1 = 10.83
The efficiency of this line would be 90.28%
4) What other issue might Toshihiro consider when bringing the new assembly line up to speed?
The assembly line described in the case is expected to increase productivity and lower costs, usually resulting in changes.   Toshihiro might consider the following for the new assembly line:
1.       Re-assess the effectiveness of a “supporter” along the assembly line, focusing on the rate of assistance needed by...

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