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Touching the Void Essay

  • Submitted by: kjordan
  • on October 20, 2013
  • Category: English
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Kayne Jordan
Explain the differences between Simon and Joes accounts of the accident.

There are some differences between Simon and Joes account, this is due to different techniques used such as the use of different types of emotion, Simon gives a very heartless impression on his account of the experience while Joe is constantly explaining about the very tense atmosphere around him to show the reader the type of situation he is going through.
1st paragraph
Joe started with a very powerful paragraph as it begins with a lot of action using very fast and violent verbs such as bone splitting, jerked and catapulted, this gives an idea of the character to show he is serious trouble and desperation. The whole paragraph of Joe gives a sense of extreme pain which creates a very intense like atmosphere. With Simons account he starts off with a very slow beginning using words such as trudged and rested to give a very slow/sad atmosphere around him causing to show how calm he is in the situation.
2nd and 3rd paragraph
Joe starts building up from fast verbs to more of a gruesome side using painful verbs to make you feel pity of what happened to his leg and gives off a powerful image to make you experience what   he has been through, he explains very specifically what his leg looked like broken at that time. Simon finally starts to explain the incident by changing from slow verbs straight away to things like braced, tug and jerk to explain how the speed changes as Joe fell down without Simon knowing what just happened, he also makes tension to add loneliness to the story, and Simon starts processing what has just happened as the significance hadn’t hit him first.
Simon starts worrying on what will happen to him and starts to accept his fate of falling from a very high height off the mountain side although he keeps on doubting himself by saying his leg muscle just ripped to calm himself down, this is different to Simons story as he has no large show of emotion...

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