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Tradezsha Essay

  • Submitted by: starfrienzy19
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Introduction to secure elections essay
Elections are important component of any democracy and reflect people's will to be governed. The future of any country and its citizens depends on elections. Elections form the mechanism of transferring power from people to the leaders they want to choose for the progress of their country. These elections take place through voting. Voting is the process by which citizens of a country choose a candidate of their choice. It may also be described as the formal recording of opinion of a group on any subject (Questia). Citizen's votes are kept secret and are tallied without knowing which voter voted for which candidate.

"The method of registering collective approval or disapproval of a person or a proposal". This term refers to the method by which people choose the leader of their own choice. Voting can also be done to take formal opinion about some subject or problem (Questia).

History of voting systems:
In its very early form, voting was carried out by chieftain through communication with tribal members and taking their approval or disapproval of certain proposals offered to them (Questia). Later during the course of history, the use of ballot came into use in political voting. Nowadays, the sophisticated form of ballot is the voting machine. "Voting technology and procedures evolved throughout the history of mankind from clay balls put in clay pots in ancient Greek, over paper ballots in the arising democratic societies, to the use of electronic devices in modern polling stations" (Weber, 2006).

Election Principles:
For free and fair elections, six principles are legally established:

1.Universal: Every one has the right to cast a vote if they are eligible for example age and nationality wise.
2.Equal: Each voter has the right to cast same number of votes.
3.Free: The voter can cast his/her vote for free.
4.Secret: It is voter's responsibility to cast his/her vote secretly...

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  • Submitted by: starfrienzy19
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 2,865 words
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