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Tradition Essay

  • Submitted by: callibur
  • on February 17, 2012
  • Category: English
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Tradition, we cant ignore because it has given us some really

valuable technologies. They challenge modern days

scientists and physicians. Some books where we can find them are

upnishads, charaksahinta and many more.Charaksahita depicts

advancements in medicine that were made during those periods.For

Example it contains operation techniques of that time. It feels

amazing.Languages like Sanskrit which is gaining popularity all

around the world due to its grammatical correctness. It is a gift

of our tradition on which we look with awe. Research is going at

several places on it. All the epics like upnishads are all

written in sanskrit.How can we even dream of leaving such

glorious tradition and run for moderization. Not only this

tradion has given us a culture of which I as an Indian is really

proud of. The values which have being put into me is all due to

the tradition I belong to. No way we can ignore our past because

like mine there is something in everyones tradition to really cherish


Modernization means whatever is present. Living in this era where

research is given so much importance and new discoveries and

inventions are the need of the hour we cant afford to be obsolete and

lag behind than the rest of the world. This is computer era and

things change every six months. One who keeps himself abreast

survives others fail. So we have to live with this world no matter

how dynamic it is. Dynamism is on one hand beneficial in terms that

you dont get bored with the things but the reality is you dont

get time to relax. Anyhow, we have to live with it else quit which

is also not an attractive offer. Also as the culture changes we have

to change ourselves not to be left alone in this world. We have to

be of the same form in which rest of the world is if you dont want

to face something like boycott.

In sum, there are good things both in tradition and in modernization


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