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Tragedy of the Commons Essay

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‘This House would rely on the Market to
Solve the Tragedy of the Commons’

Emmet Doyle 111222636 Ec5212
Word Count:2063


CFP Common Fisheries Policy

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

EU European Union

FAO Food and Agricultural Organisation

GDP Gross Domestic Product

IUU Illegal Unreported Unregulated

MSY Maximum Sustainable Yield

TAC Total Allowable Catch

Motion: This House would rely on the Market to Solve the Tragedy of the Commons

Position Taken: Reject the motion


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Emmet Doyle an economist specialising in common pool resources.   I have been asked by Ocean 2012*   to consider the motion proposed by Sinn Fein, that ‘This House would rely on the Market to Solve the Tragedy of the Commons’
I intend to demonstrate why we must reject this motion.

Outline of the Motion:

The motion seeks freedom from government intervention   to allow industry participants operate by self-regulation.
In opposition of this motion I will counter, the industry has expended generations of self-regulation with inefficiency and overfishing. To justify a rejection I will describe the phenomenon known as the ‘tragedy of the commons’. We see that by its very nature ‘the tragedy’ disallows its participants from amending their own behaviour. Through analysis of a case study we learn how overfishing and dredging can decimate the seabed resulting in areas scientists call dead zones. A brief look wills how the Common Fisheries Policy since introduction in 1983 has begun to reverse the damage from years of overfishing. Finally, by dispelling the fallacies of lost employment and broken communities, I will enable the house reject this motion.

What are commons?

Commons are a resource with no defined ownership or property rights, where each individual agent has free access to the benefits of the resource. The atmosphere, oceans, national parks, rivers and clean air are all...

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