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Transformational Change Management Plan

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Transformational Change Management Plan
 What is driving the need for this transformational change?
Transformational Change is a shift in the business culture of an organization resulting from a change in the in strategy and processes that the organization used in the past. This change is designed to affect the entire organization and there is a set guideline and timeframe that has to be met.   Transformational change as it relates to offshoring is because offshoring is certain to affect the entire organization (McKinsey & Company).
As it relates to Campbell’s company that started undergoing offshoring in 2008, the entire company was affected although only a small portion of production was moved to Asia. The move was considered feasible because the company they wanted earn a profit. Within the first year they made a higher profit than they did in the US.
If Campbell’s had decided to stay in the situation they were in and not explore other more profitable avenues they would be resort to closing their factory for a lack of profit and potential loss in the future. They are in the process of moving more of their production overseas, they first moved the Players Biscuit and Chocolate Factory over to Asia and they are moving the Goldfish production to other countries like Canada where the currency and production cost is also less and will provide for a profit.      
All levels of management needs to be involved in the transformational change. It is the responsibility of management to recognize the need for change and set a strategic direction to accomplish this change successful (NBC News). Management should explore all scenarios that will be most beneficial for the company and develop a change report to obtain this transformation smoothly in order to maintain good standing the economy and to be a competitive organization.
In order to remain competitive in an ever changing economy where new organizations appear frequently, companies such as Campbell’s needs...

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