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Transformative Counselling Encounters Essay

  • Submitted by: Robs23
  • on August 6, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Robin Joubert
Student No. 48532908
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Assignment No. 2

Section A

The first micro-skill I observed was the clarification of all the concerns Marylinda had
regarding the structure of the sessions and how long sessions will be and go on for.
This is shown when Thembi asked “It sounds like you have other questions which
you need clarified?” And after this when Marylinda expressed her concerns is when
Thembi clarified the different questions that Marylinda had asked.
The second micro-skill I observed was when Thembi reflected on how Marylinda was
feeling when Marylinda said she was comfortable but seemed as if she was
uncomfortable and Thembi asked for clarification and reflected on what she noticed
by asking about the uneasiness.
The third micro-skill I noticed was the minimal encourages. After Thembi asked if she
was comfortable and Marylinda said there was something that she was
uncomfortable with, Thembi’s words and gesture were “Yes…” while nodding her
head this encourages the client to share and also showing the client that you are
interested in what she has to say.
The forth micro-skill I noticed was the open questions that Thembi asked. One of
these was when she asked “What about punctuality?” This has as observed
encouraged Marylinda to discuss punctuality and other things that are of importance
to the therapist. An open-ended question encourages the client to speak more than
only the immediate topic of conversation.
The fifth micro-skill I observed was that Thembi summarized all of Marylinda`s
concerns regarding confidentiality. After Marylinda agreed that confidentiality is a
concern for her is when Thembi explained it to her and later on in the passage
Thembi summarized again the concern of confidentiality to Marylinda.

From the beginning of the session Marylinda showed concerns of there being a
misunderstanding of the information she had filled out...

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