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Treaty of Versailles Essay

  • Submitted by: lollypop12345
  • on October 6, 2012
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It has been argued that the Treaty of Versailles was justified. However, it has also been suggested that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh on Germany and not justified. This essay will argue that the treaty of Versailles was   not fair.
It could be argued that the Treaty of Versailles was justified One of the obstacles which had to be negotiated was the demands of the several nations which participated in the Peace Conference. David Lloyd George and Clemenceau both promised to make Germany and, to a lesser degree, the other defeated nations pay heavily for the tremendous damage and suffering their nations had incurred. France in particular had a history of difficulties with Germany and this fueled the French desire to permanently disable that country.                           One of these was the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 to 1871, which France lost. The Treaty between France and Prussia that ended the Franco-Prussian war was an attempt by Bismarck to crush France. In it, Germany demanded an enormous amount of indemnity payment, twice what the country had actually used toward the war effort. Therefore it was just payback.
Some of the Fourteen Points were thought by the Allies to be uncomfortable or unreasonable. Poland was to have access to the sea but the land which would lead to access to the sea was inhabited by Germans. Self-determination, one of the biggest concepts to come from the Fourteen Points, was disagreeable to the British as they were still dealing with home rule. The British were upset that the Fourteen Points meant if a future conflict arose, they could not set up a naval blockade. The French wanted to have the ability to make private diplomatic arrangements between themselves and nations with which they wished to be allies. Any treaty without massive reparation payments to be made by Germany would be refused by Great Britain and France. So Germany would have to pay reparations anyway otherwise there wouldn’t be a treaty- and there had to be...

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