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Trends That Will Shape the Consumer Goods Industry Essay

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Consumer Packaged Goods Practice

The decade ahead:
Trends that will
shape the consumer
goods industry

Consumer Packaged Goods practice

The decade ahead:
Trends that will
shape the consumer
goods industry

Ishan Chatterjee
Jörn Küpper
Christian Mariager
Patrick Moore
Steve Reis

The decade ahead:
Trends that will shape the consumer goods industry


The consumer-packaged-goods
(CPG) industry’s growth over the past
quarter century has been nothing
short of exhilarating. CPG companies
have launched innovative products
to meet an ever-growing array of
human needs and desires. They have
expanded rapidly into the burgeoning
consumer markets of the developing
world. And to make this breakneck
growth possible and profitable, they
have aggressively built global scale
along every part of the value chain.
These strategies, along with increased
margins and weighting of portfolios
toward fast-growing categories, have
delivered stellar shareholder returns.
But the past is no guide to the future.
Over the coming decade, upheavals in
global consumer and supply markets
are likely to produce as many losers as
winners among CPG companies. For
example, Asia will overtake the West
as the main consumer market, and it
will demand new levels of value and
innovation from CPG players. Rising
Internet penetration could upend
traditional sales models. Globalized
trading and natural-resource
shortages could combine to usher in
a new age of supply chain volatility.
In this article, we profile an analytical
approach, developed by McKinsey’s
CPG practice, that allows executives
to filter the myriad potential future
trends to anticipate the few that
could truly affect their company’s
competitive advantage. We then apply
the approach to the CPG industry in
aggregate, underlining the forces most
likely to move the needle on value
creation over the coming decade and
pointing to the strategic questions
that CPG companies must...

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