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Triupopo Essay

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ESL 099-09
17 FEBRUARY 2011

Feedback is a part of education and training programmes. It helps learner to maximize their potential at different stages of training, raise their awareness of strengths and areas for improvement and identify actions to be taken to improve performance. And those things make me thinking of the article on internet is" proving feedback on ESL students written assignment" by Genevieve Charland. I have just known that article from my instructor website. This is a interesting article. If I haven't ever read it let go to that website beyond, it is not too late to know. You will see how interesting it is.
The first interesting part to me is comparison between feedback on form with feedback on content. The article indicates effectively both that kind of feedback. But I like feedback on content cause that type can make clearly to their writing errors in ESL English" comment written by teacher on drafts, points out problems and offer suggestions"(Genevieve Charland). Probably, there are what students looking for" students are expected to incorporate information from the comments in other version of their papers"(Gennevieve Charland). Beside, the student can recognize what they get errors, and easy to know their problems. They must know what to do with feedback on content.
So types of errors without correction is also in effective, if you don't get correction since we have errors, we can find out areas of improvement. From my experience, I have gotten a lot homework, tests or exams for last ESL semesters. My essays always get a lot of errors about grammars, structures, tenses, comma, punctuation, etc.. But   with my instructor's feedback that help me so much for writing improvement, the instruction give me some suggestions how to do it better, or advise to try it again, correcting errors ,etc. Feedback helps students get more improvement and...

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