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Tt Hcm Essay

  • Submitted by: vienchon
  • on January 25, 2013
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What are the important roles of the four men in Emily’s life?

In William Faulkner’s 1930 short story “A Rose for Emily,” the protagonist, Miss Emily Grierson is a desperately lonely woman. Miss Emily finds herself completely isolated from other people her entire life, yet somehow she manages to continue on with her head holds high. What makes her life become a series of sadness and solitude? It is not herself but, in my viewpoint, the four men including her father, the mayor, the Negro, and Homer Barron that are to blame. They play an important role in Emily’s life in terms of her separation. While the mayor and the Negro man keep Emily from dealing with social life through duty and activity, her father and Homer Barron dispossess her of loving and being loved. These are the two aspects I would like to bring into discussion.
The first aspect to be mentioned is the role of the mayor and the Negro man over Emily’s life. About the mayor, he remitted her taxes for she is of noble descent. He must make up a story to legalize this issue without knowing that he unintentionally separates Emily from the outside world. As you know, paying tax is a duty to society and to community as well. It helps a citizen prove his existence in the community and the society where she is living. Here in the story, that Emily does not have to care about the tax means she is remote from the people. About the Negro man, he also puts his hand in the separation of Emily. He has been such a good servant that he cares nothing except for being obedient to his master. He lives silently as he goes in and out with a market basket and takes care of Emily. Even when she is sick, he does not reveal any information about that. Besides, he is considered the only sign of life about Emily’s house but he keeps saying nothing about what happens inside the house. In my opinion, Emily would be more involved in the daily life if the Negro man did not exist. Without him, she must go out for food and other...

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