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Tutorial Letter

  • Submitted by: Pushie
  • on October 19, 2013
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The learning model Identify a suitable content domain Design a questionnaire Writing questionnaire items Pilot-test the questionnaire Evaluate reliability and validity Compile a manual Review a questionnaire Review a manual Resource material 01 05 09 17 23 35 41 45 57 69

T he learning model
How to study this module
Read this before you begin your studies

Before you begin your studies it is a good idea to consider the learning model used in this module. The learning model is the way in which we present the learning material and the manner in which you are required to study this subject. You do not have to study the learning model itself. In other words, you will not get examination questions about the learning model. Your examination deals with the subject material that is presented by way of this model. Let us begin by clarifying the terminology that is associated with our learning model. These terms are described below. A learning outcome describes the purpose of learning. The entire learning process is geared towards achieving learning outcomes. In this module learning outcomes are achieved by producing specific outcome products.

The learning terminology used in this module

Learning outcome

Outcome product

An outcome product is the result of the learning activities a learner engages in during the learning process. In other words, the learner produces particular outcome products during the process of learning. The way in which a learner produces an outcome product is a production method A production method indicates how an outcome product is produced. A production method consists of activities. Each activity can be broken down into particular actions. In other words, a learner produces an outcome product by executing particular actions. A series of actions constitute an activity, and a series of activities form a method. One requires resources to produce outcome products. For example, one may require knowledge about certain issues...

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