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Tutti Matti Essay

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Critical Issues
In order for Alidia Solomon to succeed she needs to address: how to build awareness so that Tutti Matti establishes a consistent customer base. She also needs to avoid problems caused by the SARS outbreak while continuing to expand the business. Due to her time constraint, she needs address how to make better use of her time and resources.
During the 6 months Tutti Matti has been open, the restaurant has been profitable earning sales of $210,000. Solomon plans to finish the year with a minimum of $500,000 in sales. The SARS outbreak has become an economic concern that has decreased tourism and seasonality. Toronto was one of the cities most affected by the virus and since airborne transmission is possible, the risk of infection greatly increases. Regular attendance from family and friends has also decreased due to the outbreak. Solomon has identified internal strengths and weakness that can affect her business. In order for her to continue to strive and run a successful business she must consider the SWOT analysis in Exhibit 1. The opportunities highlight potential options for investment.
Exhibit 1
Strengths | Weakness | Opportunities | Threats |
    * Lots of experience in the field   * Highly competent   * Open-concept kitchen is unique from competitors   * Good cook in Tuscan cuisine   * Quality ingredients | Inability to:   * Delegate work   * Operate at |     * Invitation to Summerlicious   * Availability of web designer   * Magazine advertising on Toronto Life and Dinning out   * Long Term local development |     * SARS will reduce eating out   * SARS will eliminate tourist business   * Competitive industry   * Competitors are close in locale   * Competitors have large capital |

Decision Criteria
Maintain product quality
Affordable (Budget?)
Increase profits: Short-term and long-term
Manageable given current demands on time
Changing day off
Promotion on lunch time for workers around the restaurant

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