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Twinkies Essay

  • Submitted by: bubbaiq
  • on January 24, 2013
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Whither the Twinkie?
All over the news the situation with the Twinkies going bankrupt is a huge deal. It is in fact true that there bankrupt but there looking for an owner. “A bankruptcy judge approved the liquidation of Hostess brands last week. Historic brands like Twinkies, Wonder Bread, and Ho Hos will be sold at auction to the highest bidder.” The only problem is that the owner at times will have problems just because more than one company knows the receipt of the Twinkies. Now the company that will own it will have to keep its guard up on the receipt because anybody could easily get steal it and make their own business out of it. “Manufacturers instead guard their recipes as trade secrets, a status that isn’t time-limited.” Now the good part of them owning the company is that they have access to many things which are typically secret agreement things. “The companies that eventually buy Hostess brands will gain access to those trade secrets and the right to enforce the secrecy agreements.” So basically the company is safe as well because they keep their receipts in a safe for no one to see it. Also the Twinkies and the other food products are copy right meaning no one else is allowed to make them. The odd thing about this is not all the food is protected. So we really don’t know what happening or were eating in the Twinkie. “Copyright, however, doesn’t protect the food itself from commercial exploitation.” The Twinkie is bankrupt but that doesn’t mean any more Twinkies.
I would recommend this article because this article informs you about what’s happening with the Twinkie product everyone is a fan of Twinkies and I know nobody would want them to be extinct. Another reason is because it’s informing you what’s going to happen to the receipt of the Twinkie if it’s going to change or not and in this fact it is not going to change.
I can compare this article to text to world because it’s informing all the Twinkie lovers out there what’s happening to these...

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