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Typhoons Essay

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Cloudburst of Amphibians and Fish

Paranormal events happen on a weekly basis. They are paranormal because people are unable to explain what caused something to act in a certain way. One thing that people have not been able to explain for a long time is of frogs and fish falling from the sky. There have been numerous accounts of this happening throughout history. Large storms such as Typhoons and Hurricanes, as well as things such as waterspouts, a tornado on water, are able to pick amount large amounts of marine life and deposit them somewhere on land. “In 1901, a rainstorm in Minneapolis, MN produced frogs to a depth of several inches, so that travel was said to be impossible.” Minneapolis is relatively close to a large body of water; though it is close, the frogs would not have been able to travel that far. This was more than 100 years ago; there have been more accounts of the same phenomenon, even as recent as in Sheffield, England, in the year of 1995.
I feel as if this relates a lot to me. This is because when I was younger, a fond memory of mine was a story that my dad used to read to me. IT was about a town where it started to rain cat and dogs, sadly I am unable to remember the full story. Though the story was about cats and dogs, and this article is on frogs and fish, I feel as if it relates because the one thing I always wondered is how it is even possible for it to rain cats and dogs, or in this case fish and frogs. It is possible to rain fish and frogs because of waterspouts or strong storms such as hurricanes and typhoons.
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