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U.S Constitution Essay

  • Submitted by: Therealrickyjay
  • on January 6, 2013
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Ricky Carrillo
Period 4
Final Essay
The U.S Constitution
The U.S constitution, probably one of the most significan peice of litturater till this day, Whith out it we would not be living here today, at least not free. It starts out with the Bill Of Rights, the first few amendments that give us civil librity and the right to many other things.
· I-Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition
· II-Right to keep and bear arms
· III-Conditions for quarters of soldiers
· IV-Right of search and seizure regulated
· V-Provisons concerning prosecution
· VI-Right to a speedy trial, witnesses, etc.
· VII-Right to a trial by jury
· VIII-Excessive bail, cruel punishment
· IX-Rule of construction of Constitution
· X-Rights of the States under Constitution
All of these things plays a very important roll in are society, with out them we would not have a stable Democracy. The reason is, is becacuse a Democracy runs on freedom and the god givin rights of all Americans. By giving away some of are rights the power democracy protects them so we as humans can have an ideal life, there for as long as there is democracy in a country, there is also freedom.
Many decisions made by the U.S Supreem court, the highest court system in the country, not always "Fair" to every one. For example, high school students feel like they are stripped of there civil rights on school campus and even in real life, they think that it is un constitutional to have lesser rights then most adults. There has been many cases about these trials, mostly involving high school students and The state, and most of the time the kids are never right. Many of these cases have to do with 1st/4th/5th Amendments, and many argue that they should have these rights.   The way that the supreme court says why there rights differ is different for every case, but most have at least one thing in common, control. The court favors the school in the act of controlling there sudents, constantly monitering what...

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