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Ufgj Essay

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I. Introduction
Energy auditors and insulation contractor have been using Thermal Scanner/Infrared cameras to diagnose home-performance problems for over 30 years. Thermal scanners have been crucial preventive and predictive maintenance for companies. This service has help to avoid dangerous emergencies, as well as significant by reducing interruption and down time to a diverse number of companies facilities throughout the world.
Thermal Scanner is one of the most popular devices out there. This is a temperature measuring device which works by sending out a Thermal beam and measuring the emissivity of a surface. This is to check for or verify unusual cold or hot spots in room.
Nonetheless, many hunter swear by this device and it is usually one of the second pieces of analysis gear purchased after EMF meter.

II. Objectives
  * to know more information about Thermal scanner
  * find out the uses, advantages and disadvantages of the Thermal Scanner
  * to know where and how Thermal Scanner being produced
  * to identify where thermal scanner can be applied for

III. History
Current thermal scanners are based on technology that was originally developed for the military. Thermal Scanner provides the ability to see and target opposing forces through the dark of night or across a smoke-covered battleground. The properties that have made infrared detection valuable to military services around the world also make it valuable to fire services and law enforcement.
In the late 1950s and 1960s, Texas Instruments, Hughes Aircraft, and Honeywell developed single element detectors that scanned scenes and produced line images. The military had a lock on the technology because it was expensive and had sensitive military applications. These basic detectors led to the development of modern thermal scanner. The pyroelectric vidicon tube was developed by Philips and EEV in the 1970s and became the core of a new product for firefighting, first...

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