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Uk-China Climate Cooperation Essay

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EU-China cooperation on climate change
An overview of present situation of EU-China cooperation on climate change
EU and China regard climate change cooperation as an important part in their strategic relationship.
A. Both EU and china are taking leading roles in addressing climate change among international community.
B. EU-China cooperation has mutual interests down to the basis
  a.Their basis for cooperation: both have high level of energy consumption, energy import and emission reduction target.
  b.since 2010. EU priorities china as key partner for energy diplomacy, especially after Copenhagen summit, climategate and financial crisis in Greek.
EU and china has established certain mechanism in climate change cooperation
  a. EU-China annual high-level summit ,   EU-China business summit, EU-China economic and trade commity all highlight sustainable development as important agenda. This concern the interests of   both government and business entity and is a broad-based cooperation.
  b.CDM mechanism is an important area for EU-China cooperation and both sides have achieved great progress.
China is the largest investment market for CDM development,
3.however, EU-china cooperation face great challenges and practical problems.
EU and china represent different international standards as an developed entity and the largest developing countries in the word.
  a.EU donnot think China did enough as an emission countries and a fast-growing economic power, it demands that developing countries have binding emission targets and it urges china to take more responsibilities
  b.China emphasizes the principle of "common but different responsibilities"under the UN framework .
It addresses the historic responsibilities of developed countries, the importance for developing countries to pursue economic development and receive technological and financial help from developed countries.
4. In fact, the divergence in international negotiations reflect that EU...

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