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Uk University Fees Essay

  • Submitted by: madmanjo
  • on February 18, 2012
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As everybody knows, English university fees are rising, but not so many people seem to know how this will affect university fees in Scotland. Well, Scottish universities will start to charge, but only if you're not Scottish, which is perfectly fair. Many may see this as being unfair, but students studying from abroad or other places in the UK do not pay Scottish taxes to help fund the education system, yet have been allowed to take advantage of it for too long. It seems about time that they made a contribution to their own education.

Given the current financial crisis, it's no surprise that universities feel the need to charge students more money. However, it's also no surprise that students are reluctant to part with more money, or are even unable to part with the money that universities are asking for. Many universities throughout the UK are asking for up to £9,000 per annum for some courses. This is a figure that many students and their families cannot keep up with, as a 3 year course, such as a BA in English Literature, it would cost a total of £27,000. Although for some people this may be the price of a new car, for many it is a full year's wage. However, it is a necessary evil, as if these fees were not charged then world class universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh would simply not be able to keep up with other universities around the world and their students would be at a disadvantage to those who study in other countries. This is why English universities have been charging their students since 1998, but the Scottish parliament did not share the same views on fees and abolished them to give every student equal opportunities and had the Scottish tax payer supply the universities with money instead. However, some English students studied in Scotland to save money, meaning that the Scottish was paying for their education while they piggybacked the system.

The new fees being introduced by Scottish universities are similar to the fees in...

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