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Um Panic I Guess Essay

  • Submitted by: arosydream
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: English
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Pete Wentz (6:39:20 PM): Hey
Ryan Ross (6:39:39 PM): hey
Pete Wentz (6:40:09 PM): Is this the guy fro poanic at the disco
Ryan Ross (6:40:23 PM): yeah im ryan, is this pete?
Pete Wentz (6:41:12 PM): Yeah
Ryan Ross (6:41:18 PM): hey man
Pete Wentz (6:42:37 PM): How arer you
Ryan Ross (6:43:17 PM): im not bad, working on a paper for english. hows everything with the new record?
Pete Wentz (6:44:37 PM): Going really well
Pete Wentz (6:45:04 PM): How's everything wiht your band are those just remixes
Ryan Ross (6:46:01 PM): awesome, yeah we only did those on my laptop because we cant get into a studio yet. but we still have alot of those parts live and full band
Pete Wentz (6:46:25 PM): Does it have samples like that
Pete Wentz (6:46:42 PM): How many people are in the band.... Are you guys all in hicghschool
Ryan Ross (6:47:20 PM): do you mean do we use a sampler? our drummer uses a drum sampler which we put some of the stuff on, and he plays some of it
Ryan Ross (6:47:43 PM): im in college. im 18 the other three of them are 17 and in high school
Pete Wentz (6:48:26 PM): Like of the pure volume site songs what would not be part of your live show
Ryan Ross (6:50:18 PM): well right now the synth stuff because we need a keyboard player. we are trying out a few guys soon though. and some of the drum parts are different.
Pete Wentz (6:50:48 PM): I absolutely love the stuff
Ryan Ross (6:52:16 PM): but we have two guitar players one sings and i play lead. its kind of hard to describe it. we are a rock band but about half of a song will be dance-ish or sort of 80s sounding
Ryan Ross (6:52:28 PM): really? wow thanks alot man
Ryan Ross (6:53:12 PM): it really is a huge compliment coming from you
Ryan Ross (6:53:35 PM): i was actually really suprised you listened to it
Ryan Ross (6:53:40 PM): i didnt expect you to see it
Pete Wentz (6:54:00 PM): Is there some pics of you guys anywhere
Ryan Ross (6:55:10 PM): no, we are taking them...

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