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Uncle Bob Essay

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Running Head: Uncle Bob 1

Andrew Darling
Uncle Bob
Kaplan University

Uncle Bob 2
It was almost Christmas and my Uncle Bob had called to see if I would come down and meet him in Florida for a few days out pig hunting. I agreed and we planned on meeting in Miami Florida and renting a truck from there. I happily agreed it had been years since i had been to Florida and had never gone pig hunting before. Not knowing what road was ahead of me I headed down to meet Uncle Bob.
    Once in Miami we had lunch at the cracker barrel and make plans on what we would do next. Uncle bob started out our conversation with there has been many things that have happened hopefully he could get straightened out in order to be around his growing family a lot more. I had told him that things always work out and as long as he tries to make a better life for himself people will slowly change their views of him. We were then heading over to Homosassa where we would begin our hunt. Coming across the state of Florida we were pulled over by a local sheriff because the rental car we had seemed to have a brake light out.
    Once my Uncle had stopped the car he appeared to be sweating bullets and I couldn’t even get two words out of him. As the officer asked Bob for his license and Vehicle registration he noticed the worry bob was showing. He then ordered both of us out of the truck when he noticed several gun cases and the uncertainty of Bobs actions. Now i was nervous a little wondering what we possibly could have done. While the officer was in his car running the information two more police cars showed up one officer had immediately approached bob and arrested him.
    Being a corrections officer I started to wonder what the police had pulled up while running my uncles name. I tried to ask the officers what was going on but they told me
Uncle Bob 3
to go on my way and would be able to meet with my uncle at Miami-Dade...

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