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Under Age Drinking Essay

  • Submitted by: kristinelim
  • on August 8, 2015
  • Category: English
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Kristine Lim
Professor Aaron Stell
English 101
2 August 2015
Let’s Drink to That!
It is no hidden fact that the abuse of alcohol by adolescents and teens is undoubtedly an
important health problem in the United States (Bonnie & O Connell 58). Under age drinking is
defined as the illegal consumption of alcohol by adolescents less than twenty-one years of age
(Piehl 16). Alcohol is the most widely used and abused substance by youths, who have not yet
attained the legal age of drinking (Hanes 39). The consequences or the effects of underage
drinking are serious, and they do not only affect the teenage taking part in the activity but also
the entire society in general. The society “accrues” the burden or the consequences of underage
drinking, which are property damage, aggressive behavior, violence, injuries and even death. In
simpler terms, underage drinking is not only a problem for some families but also a nationwide
problem (Esau & Hutchinson 75). The question, however, is that what is the reason behind it and
why do most of the youth undergo through this questionable rite of passage? By going through
the source of where alcohol originated, we might be able to discover the answers to its causes,
the consequences, and may give an effective and efficient solution about underage consumption
of alcohol.
Alcohol Etymology
Alcohol is an “intoxicating ingredient” found in beer, wine or liquor (Esau & Hutchinson
75). Alcohol is generally produced from the fermentation process of starches, yeast and sugars

(Burns 26). According to John Ayto, author of the Dictionary Word of Origins, “the word comes
from an Arabic word al-kuhul literally meaning ‘the kohl’” which was a metallic powder used by
women to darken their eyelids, and also used as an antiseptic. Early Arab alchemists associated
this word with any powder achieved through the sublimation process, which later extended to all
other compounds that were obtained...

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