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Understand the Importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Essay

  • Submitted by: achieve2013
  • on January 27, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Understand the Importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion

1. Explain what is meant by:-


Diversity is the understanding of different cultures and how these cultures impact on how, when and why people seek medical care.   Individuality should be taken into account and people have different needs and wants and we need to meet these people where they are in their life and situation.   Each persons situation is different and it is respecting these differences and not offering favourable treatment to certain groups of people at the expense of those they hold prejudice against.


Equality is treating everyone equal regardless of their, colour, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability.   It is different to treating people the same.   Different people have different needs, this should be honored.   All people have equal opportunities and the same rights under the law and the rights to services provided by the government on the basis of their needs.   There should be open access to health services allowing every service user to receive treatment on the basis of their needs.


This means a sense of connectedness.   Where people feel valued and their differences are respected, basic needs met so they can live in dignity.   Allowing everyone to have the same opportunities and to be able to take part in social activities.   To be socially integrated and accepted.

1.2 Describe the potential effects of discrimination

The effects of discrimination can come from indirect and direct discrimination.

Directly for example is when an employer discriminates due to:-

Religious or spiritual beliefs, Age, Sex/gender, Sexual orientation
Nationality, Ethnic background, Race, Colour, Pregnancy/maternity leave
Marriage/civil partnership, Gender reassignment (sex change), Disability.

Indirectly for example would be when a company or service implements a specific rule, criteria or condition, that, if put...

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