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Understanding Organizational Behavior Essay

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To understand the various concepts of organizational behavior, let us begin by exploring the diverse communication process that takes place within an organization. Once a thorough understanding of the communications process is outlined, attention will shift to the relevant background factors that influence the functionality of an organization. After an understanding of communications and background factors have been outlined, an in-depth discussion of the decision- making process within an organization will take place to give one an understanding of the importance of proper decision making abilities. The above referenced concepts will give one an understanding of the various behavioral concepts that coexist to have a highly functioning organization. Let us begin by exploring the complex world of communications within an organization.
To begin to understand the communications process, let us pinpoint the meaning of communications and how ones personal and business communications are similar and different. In fact, Tubbs (2009) indicates that personal and group communications are similar and different. In effect, group communication is defined as the process of developing meaning within the minds of others (Tubbs, 2009). The above referenced ideals are important in the business world as ones communication ability at a personal level reflects on how he or she communicates in an organization. With an understanding of the similarities and differences that exist within the communication process, let us now begin to explore how one can effectively develop his or her communications skills.
According to Tubbs (2009), six key components exist to aid in the development of effective communications skills. The beginning skill states, “Creative insight is the ability to ask the right questions” (Tubbs, p. 45, Para. 3). The above referenced ideal is an important lesson I learned early when I began to manage. I was placed in a poorly rated store that was ready to be closed if...

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