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Understanding Statistical Test Essay

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Which statistical tests will be used and why?
Statistical tests are designed to test a research team's null hypothesis.  The type of test chosen will test the probability that two or more estimated means from the study belong to the same distribution of means or if they belong to two or more different distribution of means.  The means represent the averages that are derived from each study group ("Statistical Testing For Dummies", ).   Before deciding on the correct test to use, the team must consider the nature of the dependent variable, ordinal, interval or categorical variable and whether it is normally distributed.  A previously covered, this research used survey data collected from a company wide confidential survey.   Survey results will be tabulated and then analysed by using the Chi-Square statistical test.   The Chi-Square test is often used when dealing with survey results. This test will help the research team further understand the variables within the survey categories. According to "Research Lifeline Powered By Polaris" (2012),“The Chi-Square test is used in two circumstances: 1) for estimating how closely an observed distribution matches an expected distribution (a “goodness-of-fit” test), or 2) for estimating whether two random variables are independent” ().

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10. How will the results and insights be displayed?

The results will lead off with a restatement of the hypothesis.  Discussion regarding whether or not the results support the hypothesis in addition, the data and statistics that support the conclusion will follow the restatement of the hypothesis and be positioned prior to the display of the results.  Included in the results section will be the means and standard deviation derived from the test as well as the probability of the result occurring by chance. Contingency tables...

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