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Unethical Commuication Essay

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When I was in college I worked for company that sold internet service.   Employees had access to customers’ vital information.   Identity theft was not happening as frequently as it is today.   There were a few of my coworkers who were writing down customers’ credit card numbers and addresses as they took payments.   These employees then went online and ordered products and services using the customers’ information.     This was unethical communication and had a negative impact on the company, the employees, and the customers who was affected by these practices.
The company suffered because they publicized for employing the workers who stole the customers’ identity, as well as, not keeping customers’ information secure.   The customers suffered because funds from their accounts were used to make unauthorized purchases. The customers were left feeling vulnerable and had to go through the process of retrieving their funds.   The employees were fired and convicted.
Unethical practices and communication can have a negative impact on multiple levels.   Actions similar to these are an example of why companies run background checks on potential employees and take extra steps to secure customers vital information.   Customers are taking extra steps to ensure there information is not used in unauthorized manners.   Manipulation causes some to operate out of fear.   (Baack, 2012).
I believe the employees used the information and practice unethical practice because of the ease of access.   They were able to obtain this information on a regular basis and thought it could not be linked back to them.   The thrill of getting what you want and not having to pay for it could have been what caused some employees to do it.   I believe there were a few employees who did it because they were pressured by participating employees.
Baack, D. (2012). Management communication. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc

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