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Unforgettable Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: gangmeen
  • on January 25, 2013
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It was one summer night, back in 2006 when I was on the march through a forest. While taking a rest in the middle of the march, I had an ice cream and taste remained as an unforgettable memory that I have throughout my whole life.
On one given day early in the morning in military, I was walking from a building to military training ground wearing a helmet. The ground was bustling with a crowd of soldiers packing their gear and checking materials in order to march for the day. As our preparation began to end up, departure alarm came out from the speaker hanging from the ceiling. We soon took off for long march.
When night came in, we were marching deep into the forest with our helmets on and rifles slung over our shoulder. With time, we grew tired because we had walked on the rough and meandering road for five hours long. I was soaked in sweat pouring down from head to toe. I could only hear the sound of my ragged breathing and my heart beats in the chest. My steps became unsteady, and I was on the verge of collapse. Unable to endure the pain, I thought to myself, ‘I cannot go any further, I want to give up’.
When my eyelid half-closed, I was given one paper cup with what seemed to be red, green, orange-colored three balls in it. When I took close look at it, I could figure out it was ice cream. My eyes got wide open and my jaw dropped at the sight of it. By just looking at it, my fatigue and pain melted away, and my mouth began to water. I spooned a small amount of the orange-colored ice ball into my mouth. When it was put on my tongue, my mouth was filled with mixture of sweet and sour tastes. It cooled off the heat on me and I felt rejuvenated. After the ice cream’s sweet flavor had awaken me, I stood up wearing my helmet on and soldier’s gear again and began to take my step off again with all my might.
When the march finished, I was burned out and lay down on the floor. It was the toughest day, which, engraved in my mind as a vivid memory. At the same time,...

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