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Uniform Essay

  • Submitted by: jnknox88
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: English
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Nolan Knox
Ms. Zayn
Adv. Lit. Comp. 3rd Period
25 September 2012
Uniforms Should Not be required in Schools
Imagine having to wear the same outfit everyday of the week, yuck. Some parents believe that the students will look more business like, but schools should not require students to wear uniforms anyway. There are many reasons for the students to not wear uniforms in schools, but the main reasons are embarrassment because of size, being uncomfortable, and not being able to pick everybody out of a group of people that look exactly the same.
Students should not have to go to school embarrassed about how they look due to the size of their uniform. Perhaps the uniform might not be their size. Schools may not have but one size in which the students have to pay to get special sized uniforms in order to feel like themselves in front of other students.
Being comfortable in school is essential to learning in which uniforms do not give that comfort the students need to have in a learning environment.   This may be because the fabric of the uniform is really itchy. Perhaps the school has so many students that it had to order cheaper fabricated uniforms to keep under the schools budget for the year.
Picking people out from a group that looks exactly the same can be a pain and frustration for both teachers and students. Perhaps there is an emergency and the teacher needs to find a certain student, but with everyone looking the same that student may not be found in time. This may be because the student could have been talking to a group of friends about homework or upcoming test, which results in a possible death, injury, or even getting into trouble with the teacher, parents, and administration.
Although some schools do require uniforms to be worn by the students, it can be more of a hassle than most would think, which is why students should not be required to wear uniforms in school. Try that one on for size.

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