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Unit 1 Essay

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Chris Berg
Unit 1 Assignment: Asset Framework Models
October 30, 2012
IT 560

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the asset framework models in an IT business environment. It also covers the case study for IMT Custom Machine Company and the options that their IT department has when it comes to furthering their IT business.

Unit 1 Assignment: Asset Framework Models
Part A: 2x2 and IT-Asset Framework Models
Here at Advanced Micro Devices we are always looking for ways to expand our customer base, and always looking for a way to tap into new customer bases with new and innovative ideas. For this reason I have been tasked with making sure that our employees within the IT department know what our goal is and how we are going to approach achieving it. Our main goal as a company is to keep business successful, and to make sure that our customers are always satisfied. Within the IT department our main goal is to come up with the best products available within our field, and to be on the forefront of innovation within the field. We don’t want to be outdone by our competition and there are models that we can follow to make sure that we stay on top.
The first model is the 2x2 model which covers the relationship between products and the markets they are in. The model takes information about the current market, along with new ways to expand the market. Then it takes the information about current products and future products. The 2x2 matrix then combines the quadrants so that they coexist with each other to make sure that the business foundation stays stable, but also that there is room for growth. Our products that we currently offer to our customers include tablets and mp3 players. With this model we will strive to keep selling those same products to the core group of customers that we have always sold to, which includes gadget geeks, tech savvy business professionals, and music junkies. One of our goals is to make sure that our products stay up to...

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