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Unit 1 Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: aisha100
  • on January 7, 2013
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One to one
Whenever you start a conversation with an individual, it is important to create a positive feeling and atmosphere, even though you don’t know the person very well. The patient should feel confident and relaxed, and this can be by the doctor being friendly and positive. The doctor should start off by greeting the patient by saying ‘good morning’. When there is a friendly atmosphere created, the doctor can talk about what’s important. When the conversation has come to an end, the doctor should show value to the patient by saluting them by saying ‘see you next time’.
Group interaction
This will only be successful if individuals join in. Some individuals may feel nervous, scared or even stay quiet, if they speak within a large group of people. This might happen if they are scared of what other people are thinking, and what their reactions would be. For a positive feeling and atmosphere people be friendly to each other and use humour, this will also help people to talk. A team leader can actually be helpful, because they can give confidence and inspire people, so that they can express their thoughts and enable people to take turns in talking. In a group interaction, people need to think through their thoughts and ideas before saying them to anyone else. It can be unsuccessful if everyone speaks at the same time, not taking turns and this can lead to nobody listening to each other, so when a person is finished speaking, they can signal this by lowering their voice tone, looking around at other people in the group and slowed pace of talking. The way the other person will know when to talk is by watching their eye contact.
Informal communication
This is often used when people are greeting one another, by saying ‘Hiya, how are ya? The other will take this as a friendly greeting and they will feel highly appreciated that they belong to this group. Other people may use different types of informal communication and sometimes it can be difficult to actually...

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