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Unit 5 Web Field Trip Mt 450 Essay

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Web Field Trip 1

Web Field Trip: Social Network
Kaplan University


Web Field Trip 2
Web Field Trip: Social Network
Social Networking Time Line and Significance of Event
1995 | Classmates.com social networking to assist in finding school friends Classmates.com was founded in 1995. It was one of the first social networking sites. The goal of the site is to connect school classmates anywhere from Kindergarten to College. The website lost popularity when some of the other social networking giants took over.   Today the site is called Memory Lane, and is made up of much more than yearbooks. “It considers itself a nostalgia site with yearbooks, images, and videos from dating to the 1940s” (Bishop, 2011) |
January 8, 1996 | ICQ, First instant messengerICQ was the first instant messaging system. It was originally the Israeli owned Mirabilis, LTD.   “The company appealed to a much younger and technologically sophisticated audience” (Hansell, 1998). This appeal to a younger market was one of the things that prompted the purchase by America Online. American Online’s main plan in acquiring ICQ was to use the service and sell ad space to make more revenue. |
January 8, 2001 | Wikipedia goes liveWikipedia has had a steady growth in popularity since its beginning. The idea was first started by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. “Their plan was to have the masses write and edit their own encyclopedia” (Sidener, 2004). Having the system be editable by everyone does two things. A positive aspect is that there is essentially a wiki for just about any searchable topic. The drawback is that it is unreliable; the sites information is rarely cited correctly and can sometimes be edited by people who have no knowledge of the topic. |
January 28, 2001 | Ryze Social Network service launchesRyze was launched in 2001 by Adrian Scott.   The site is business oriented and allows user to set up profiles that can be searched peers. “Another great...

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