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United States History from 1877 Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Below is an essay on "United States History from 1877" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Worksheet # 7   Fall 2012
Chapter 21
United States History from 1877

1.   The 1920’s, the decade between WWI and the stock market crash, is often referred to as? P677

the "Golden Twenties" or the roaring 20’a

2.     What was the Red Scare?   P678,679

a period of general fear of communists

3.   The Ku Klux Klan made a strong comeback in the 1920’s.   What did it support and what did it
      oppose?   P.681

4.   Define the term anti-Semitic?   (look up definition)
The belief or behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish

5.   You know you had made it in America in the 1920’s if you had what in your house?   P.682

6.   By 1929, most industries used what as a source of power? P.683

7.   What means of transportation transformed the American way of life?   P.683

8.   What two forms of entertainment dominated the 1920’s?   p.685

9.   The teaching of evolution was outlawed in some states.   John Scopes broke the law in Tennessee.
      What verdict did the jury reach in his case?   P.688

10.   What was the Harlem Renaissance?   Pp.693,694

11.   What was a “flapper?”   p.694
A flapper was a young woman who rejected the conventional feminine behavior of the 1920s.

12.   Who won the election of 1920?   P.697
Warren Harding

14.   What happened to him in 1923? P.697
He died of indigestion

15.   Who won the election of 1924?   Pp.697,698
Calvin Coolidge

16.   What was President Coolidge’s famous quote about business?   P.698
“The business of America is business”

17.   Who won the election of 1928?   What religion was his opponent Alfred Smith? P701
Herbert hoover. His opponent Alfred smith was a roman catholic

18.   In what year did the Stock Market crash?   P.704


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