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Unox Research Essay

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Table of content

Table of content 1
Introduction 2
1. Research Definition 2
1.1 UNOX Background 2
1.2 Problem Definition 2
2. Approach to the problem 2
2.1 Conceptual Model 2
2.2 Research Questions and Hypothesis 2
3. Research Design 2
3.1 Method of Research Used 2
3.2 Questionnaire Design & Pilot survey 2
3.4 Sampling Design Process 2
3.5 Fieldwork and Data Collection 2
4. Preparation of Data Analysis 2
5. Results 2
5.1 Price level 2
5.2 Taste 2
5.3 Sake of convenience 2
5.4 Shelf life 2
RQ4: Is processed meat purchased because of the long shelf life? 2
I purchase processed meat because of the longer shelf life? 2
5.5 Brand awareness 2
5.6 Culture background 2
References 2
Appendices 2


Unox is a subsidiary of Unilever and sells a variety of processed meat products. The trend is that consumers are more conscious about what they eat. Consumers consider processed meat as unhealthy and have the perception that it contains many ‘baddies’.   This is a problem for Unox because the consumers look for a substitute for processed meat. The question is how can Unox increase frequency in consuming processed meat and make the consumer aware of that processed meat products are a save choice which you can enjoy without feeling guilty?
The purpose of this report is to conduct a marketing research. The aim is to obtain information in order to solve the problem which Unox is facing. Useful information will be gathered through the collection and analysis of data. The data collected will be also the end result of this report.
Although there was a big range of subjects that could be investigated, it was assigned only to answer the research question which was provided. Another limitation to the descriptive research was to conduct at least a 50% survey method.  
Different methods were used to obtain the required information in order to answer the research question. First, exploratory research method was...

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