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Unusual Trip Essay

  • Submitted by: horansgirl
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: English
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l My unusual trip to school
“Beep! Beep!” I heard the displeasing ring of my hand phone unusually in the morning. My deep slumber was interrupted and in a daze, I picked up my phone. The voice of my friend came like a bombshell hitting down hard as she was already in the bus stop waiting and when I looked at the clock, all I could say was, “6.20a.m already? Man!”
Without further ado, I hustled to my room and got ready in a flash. Then I dashed to the bus stop and saw my friend on pins and needles. Disastrously, the only bus we could take pulled in only after a long eternity and it was moving so languidly like a snail.
A rush of despair washed through me like a wave and I knew that it was impossible to reach school in time. Looking down at my watch, I realised that there was only five more minutes for morning assembly to start.   When the bus reached our destination, my friend and I raced each other up the slope as fast as our legs could carry us. On the way, we also met a teacher who told us to hurry up as it was late already.
Finally, when we reached the entrance, we were soaked to the skin. I could not take any step further as lethargy filled me. Despite that I sprinted to the quadrangle with a glimpse of hope of not getting booked.   Strangely, everyone was scampering back to their classes without starting the assembly. We were at a complete loss to see that. However, I soon realised that the sky was overcast and everyone was supposed to stand according to the rainy day arrangement.
What a stroke of luck we had! The prefects did not notice us as we merged with the swarm of students scurrying up the stairs. My friend and I had broad smiles on our faces as we recalled the unusual trip we had to school!

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