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Us/101 Appendix E Essay

  • Submitted by: RachelAdkins12
  • on October 6, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Appendix E

Collaboration Worksheet

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

• What are the advantages of having diversity in a collaborative learning environment?

You have more ideas, answers, and options to choose from. Also when working in a collaborative learning environment you and whoever you are working with are more eager to complete your task before the deadline. If working alone you tend to get behind and lose track of time easily. When working in a collaborative learning environment it makes things more enjoyably and improves retention.

• How might factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles affect collaboration?

Always remember that when it comes to diversity, no one’s beliefs are equal. You may have different religious beliefs then others and may even be a different color, or different gender, but when it comes to collaboration it is meant to work together not against each other. Same goes for attitude, we all have a different personality and with every personality come a different attitude but you have to learn to work together. That’s how you learn about one another and also learn about others beliefs. Now we all have different work and learning styles and these styles fit our needs to get our jobs done in whatever working matter it may be. If everyone has an understanding the these styles will help enormously when it comes to collaboration.

• How does personal responsibility influence the work and success of a group?

Personal responsibility plays a huge role when it comes to success and work of a group. If you sit back and let everybody else do all the work you’re not going to learn anything. You have to step up and be a leader. To succeed in work you have to be a leader. You want people to look up to you as an inspiration and not a slacker. Personal responsibility also tells a lot about an individual, it tells people if you are...

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