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Uses and Abuses of Chemicals Essay

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The use of both morphine and codeine as painkillers is beneficial for those recovering from operations or illness. However, when used as recreational drugs, morphine, codeine, and heroin carry terrible addictive and acclimating side effects. They are sad reminders that, despite the good intentions of a chemical’s discoverer, there is always a potential for misuse.
Hydrogen cynide : are used to produce paints, plastic, and synthetic fibres, the most common use being for the production of adiponitrile, a precursor chemical in the production of nylon. Hydrogen cyanide is also important in electroplating, metal mining and metallurgy. However, hydrogen cyanide can also be used as a chemical weapon . The most famous example of hydrogen cyanide use as a chemical weapon is its use in Nazi gas chambers during World War II, under the name Zyklon B.
Since pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are specifically designed to kill organisms, it is no wonder than these compounds are modified into weapons to use against humans. However, these compounds are important in maintaining high crop production.
saxitoxin :
Because saxitoxin is extremely toxic, people may use saxitoxin as a chemical warfare agent. This possible use is clearly destructive. However, the properties of saxitoxin also allow it to be used for the beneficial purpose of scientific research. By furthering our understanding of the function and structure of nerve cells, the use of saxitoxin in research may lead to future benefits for individuals suffering from nervous disorders.
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Organophosphates and the Synthesis of Sarin The first organophosphate was synthesized in 1850, and was used to treat a variety of illnesses, including glaucoma. Later, the discovery of tetraethyl pyrophosphate demonstrated the possibility of using organophosphates as insecticides, due to this compound's rapid action and high toxicity . While not used until after World War II, sarin has since been used...

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