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Using the Right Words: Essay

  • Submitted by: jorgec3
  • on January 24, 2013
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Using the right words:
  We were talking about culture differences when someone suddenly said that in some cultures they do a real bad thing which is using the language barrier to their advantage to make more money from tourists. A person who was sitting with us was real good in communicating with others, the guy said "it’s not real bad it’s just different". While the word different in this case had the same meaning of real bad still it was a real smart word to use in order not to annoy any of those who were present.
Approaching others incorrectly:
  One of the important communication skills tips you must keep in mind all the time when dealing with strangers is that the way you approach them will greatly impact the way they respond to you. If you approached someone during a moment when he was really busy or irritated then most probably you will get a negative response. If you interrupted someone who was talking then most probably he will become annoyed. Some people also made the mistake of approaching others from behind which was something that made most people feel uncomfortable. If you want to get positive results when communicating with others then put in mind that approaching others correctly and in the right time is a must.
Avoid negativity:
  What comes to your mind when I say the word food? Most probably a series of pictures and thoughts will jump into your mind right after hearing this word. This happens because memories and thoughts are strongly interconnected in such a way that one word can make you recall tens of memories in seconds. Now if you talked about a negative topic even if it wasn't impacting any of the people you were talking to then most likely they are going to recall more related negative topics and they might catch a bad mood.
It’s all about emotions:
  People don't feel good when meeting a person because of the way he treats them but they feel good because of the way he makes them feel. That's why people who make others laugh...

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