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Utopian Society Essay

  • Submitted by: kattychick429
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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The cons of a Utopian society

Sir Thomas More wrote a novel named Utopia about a country that existed only in his mind. More used the story to explore his views and feelings about politics and government. People still believe that the story holds truths that are relevant today even though more wrote Utopia during the Renaissance. Utopia contains information about More's vision of a perfect society. The Utopian government was able to overcome or prevent all problems facing the country. The government first segregates the island by digging a canal around it so that the ocean will create and island that has hazardous straights as it's only means into the island. It then handles the many aspects that a community faces in a manner that, for the most part, creates an enjoyable environment to live in. The problem with that is it gives up a right as a person of god’s creation and the rights of the people in that nation which was founded on rights, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You cannot take someone’s freedom from them without blood spilt or death people will fight for their rights. Only a handful of people can do that and even then it would take centuries for a nation to be made just on a utopian society. When more wrote this he was thinking that it could happen and maybe one day it will but no time soon or in the near future will that happen. There have been times in modern day that people think that it would be a good thing but no one will just give up their rights or anything there has to be chaos or the world will slowly burn in its own skin. If we live in a utopian society not only will blood be spilt but also death will overtake the world. This is why we do not need a utopian society thank you more but no thanks I like my freedom and happiness

Thank you for your time

By: Jacob Farah

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